Grace and Tradition: Discovering the Beauty of Nihonbuyo

The Nihonbuyo club at Keisen University is a student organisation dedicated to the study and practice of Nihonbuyo, a traditional Japanese dance style. This is the ninth year the group has been in existence. Almost all members of the club have no experience, but are learning from Hanayagi Sukeyuuna, a professional Japanese dancer and graduate of Keisen. Today in Japan, the culture of wearing a kimono is disappearing and there are many Japanese who have never worn a yukata or kimono. For this reason, the students in the club have started learning how to put on a yukata by themselves. They also learn about the history and cultural significance of Japanese dance, as well as the costumes and music used in performances. The Nihonbuyo Club at Keisen provides a space for students to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Japanese culture through the art of dance. Members have the opportunity to perform at various events both on and off campus, further showcasing their passion and dedication to preserving and sharing this important cultural tradition.

Posted by IAFOR