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A Message from Dr Sue Ballyn (University of Barcelona, Spain) Why attend an IAFOR Conference? IAFOR conferences are unique in bringing together academics and students from across the world not just to exchange ideas in academic sessions, but also to have space and time to sit down and discuss ideas, network in a very valuable


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Read the ACAS Conference Proceedings. IAFOR Journals IAFOR publishes several editorially independent, Open Access journals across a variety of disciplines. They conform to the highest academic standards of international peer review, and are published in accordance with IAFOR’s commitment to make all of our published materials available online. All papers published in the journal have

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Welcome to The 10th Asian Conference on Asian Studies (ACAS2020), an interdisciplinary conference to be held in Tokyo, Japan, May 27-30, 2020.

The 10th Asian Conference on Asian Studies (ACAS2020)


Speakers at The 10th Asian Conference on Asian Studies (ACAS2020) will provide perspectives from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds.

The Asian Conference on Asian Studies (ACAS)

Why Attend ACAS?

The Asian Conference on Asian Studies 2018 offers the chance to exchange the latest ideas, attend panels and workshops, and interact with peers as well as some of the leading figures in the field.



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