Selfless: Journeys through Identity and Social Class

Geoff Beattie has come a long way from his humble beginnings in Belfast, as this stellar student became one of the world’s foremost experts on non-verbal communication following his studies at Birmingham and Cambridge Universities. Throughout his career, he has balanced being both an academic of international renown with parallel explorations into reportage, social commentary and journalism, and even found the time to write works of nonfiction. He is perhaps most well known from his burgeoning career as a populariser and interpreter of psychology on numerous television programmes, including his most high profile position: being the resident psychologist on the UK version of the worldwide sensation, Big Brother.

In this interview, Professor Beattie speaks to IAFOR Chairman and CEO, Joseph Haldane about his life and work, and his recently published autobiography, Selfless, and the intellectual, physical and moral journeys Beattie has undertaken throughout his life.

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