The Case of Jimmy Lai & The Rapid Loss of Freedom in Hong Kong

The case of imprisonment for billionaire and media leader Jimmy Lai reflects the extraordinary speed over the past two years in the loss of freedoms in Hong Kong. The July 1 national security law, along with other laws and restrictions, has changed Hong Kong from an open society to authoritarian rule in just months.

Hong Kong’s situation also will have significant impact on Asia, though we are still in the early stages of that effect.

Lai is a central figure in the fight to keep basic freedoms of speech, press and assembly. His Next Digital media company that includes Apple Daily newspaper is the leading opposition to the legal changes, including the destruction of the Sino-British Joint Declaration treaty that guaranteed autonomy, rights and freedoms in Hong Kong through 2047.

This talk will discuss the case of Jimmy Lai, the loss of Hong Kong freedoms, and potential impact for other countries in Asia.

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Posted by IAFOR